Importance of Backing up your Niche Website

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When it comes to backing up your niche website you’ll never be over prepared. But certainly a drive spinning 365/24/7 will fail at some point in time. It is impossible to pinpoint when this failure will occur or how severe it will be. The best option is to have your own emergency disaster recovery plan at hand for your niche website. When your website, business or years of data and work is at risk then you’ll definitely want to take care of your own backups.

Backups act as insurance coverage for your website. Although some users may consider this to be an inconvenience or an extra step or even an additional and unnecessary cost these users aren’t taking into consideration the overall impact that a server failure could have on the very important existence of their website.

WordPress makes it easy to solve this problem and offers many free plugins to make sure your website is backed up and secure.

Here are few options to consider:

BackWPUp – This is a good solution if you want to back your website up to a online storage solution such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc.

BackUpWordpress – This is a good solution for those who need simplicity. Backups are stored on your server and would need to be downloaded to your hard drive for safe keeping.

WP Backitup Lite – Creates a backup zip of your website’s content and configuration in just a single click, right from your WordPress dashboard.

cPanel backups can always be done as well. There are daily, weekly and monthly options that can be chosen. It’s a good idea to download a copy to your computer as an additional backup just in case something goes horribly wrong with the hosting server.

Remember, prepare for the worst and when an emergency occurs you won’t be stuck waiting for your website to be recovered and restored from a server that has experienced a catastrophic event. Insure your website by backing it up and know that if something happens to your website it is safe and secure.

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