July 25, 2012

Niche Website Getting started

We get a lot of questions about different parts of a turnkey website business. For beginners it can be very confusing trying to get a handle of everything that goes with the website and how they interact. We have tried to make the process of purchasing a niche website from us as easy as possible, so simply follow the steps below to choose your niche website, choose your domain name and setup your hosting account.


Choose and purchase any of our niche websites listed on our website. All of our websites are built on demand and never have the exact images, articles or header, there is always a different combination for each website built.


Basically, a domain name is a address that takes you to a place where the website files reside. It’s very similar to an address that takes you to a business or a home. A domain name is just one part of a website but it’s essential to have so people can find you.

Things to Think About When Choosing Your Domain Name

1. Try to get your keyword or keyword phrase in your domain name (e.g. BloggingTricks.com where “Blogging Tricks” are your keywords)

2. Top Level Domain such as .com, .net, or .org are best to use.

3. If your desired domain name is already taken, try adding hyphens (e.g. Blogging-Tricks.com)

4. If you are personalizing your website, you could use something like BobsBloggingTricks.com or BloggingTricksByBob.com

5. You could try using a Suffix and/or a Prefix to the keyword(s) such as BestBloggingTricksAndGuidelines.com

Make sure to read The Power of Long Tail Keywords article before deciding on the name.

We also provide a tool to easily find available domains, click here to try it out.

We can also select a domain name for you, please just let us know.


Website hosting is the place where all of the files are stored online so that your website can be viewed by people anywhere in the world.

It comes with the easy to use cPanel, which allows you to manage your files, setup unlimited number of email accounts and monitor your sites’ traffic, plus much more.

If you already have your own hosting then you can just skip this step.

Get Your Hosting Account


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