How to Easily Change Your Header Image and Website Colors

First let me say that all of our turnkey websites include a professionally designed header image and the colors are hand optimized for the best look.  However, if you feel so inclined to change either of them it’s extremely easy. Once you have your new header image created and sized properly at 946px or 960px Read more about How to Easily Change Your Header Image and Website Colors[…]

The Benefits of the WordPress Category

When you make a new post on your WordPress blog, you have the chance to categorize it. A lot of people don’t take the time to do it, but SEO experts will tell you that it’s a big oversight not to. It’s actually pretty simple to add a category and can be done while your Read more about The Benefits of the WordPress Category[…]

Niche Websites and The Ultimate How-To Guide

Hello and welcome, my name is Jay. Over the past 10+ years I have built thousands of websites and I want to share everything you need to know about building and running Niche Websites.

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